Vision Statement…..TELL – TEACH – TRAIN

We are committed to TELL the lost of the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, TEACH the Word of God and TRAIN men, women, youth and children to be Spirit-filled leaders in our world.


Connecting to God and each other

Coming together is a great way for each of us to grow in our faith. Reading our Bibles and praying are great ways to get closer to God, but each of us has important lessons to impart to one another. When we come together in fellowship, we teach each other things. God gives us a gift of learning and growing when we come together in fellowship we show each other how to live as God wants us to live, and how to walk in His footsteps.

Fellowship Makes Us Stronger

No matter where we are in our faith, fellowship provides us with strength. Being around other believers gives us the chance to learn and grow in our faith. It demonstrates to us why we believe and is the excellent food for our souls.

Small Groups for 2020

  • Ladies Bible Study – Donna Gillies @ the church- Wed. noon (Please note – On Feb. 26th, we will meet at 11 am…one hour earlier.) You can still bring your lunch and we will have lunch after the study instead of before.
  • Liz Wall and Gail Chartrand’s class- Liz’s home – Monday @ 7:oopm
  • Rick Costain’s study group — at the home of Acil & Linda Cole at 1:30 on Tuesday’s. They are following the Nazarene Sunday quarterly which this month is about the minor prophets.  This week “Putting Your House in Order” and the prophet is Haggai.

BELIEVE home classes – please be sure to send your attendance to “” (We keep a record of attendance which is sent to the district.) 



Walking Club –  on Tuesdays & Fridays

10 am– 12 noon

This is a wonderful time to get some exercise and fellowship at the same time.  Resumes on January 14th.

Prayer Chain

Contact Rick Costain  @ or phone – 387-8076  If you would like to be contacted through the prayer chain, please let Rick or Alice know.

Praying for our congregation this week …

  • Charlotte Marsh

  • Drew & Lana Weaver

  • Everett & Joyce Carr

  • Valerie Lane

  • John & Alice McCracken

Rising Tide Prayer Meeting – Tuesdays @ 2 p.m. in the prayer room led by Laura Selig & Donna Gillies. Praying for the needs in Greater Moncton area.  Everyone is Welcome.

Nazarene World Week of Prayer – March 1-7

Doors open at 11 until 1 pm with a devotional at 12.

  • March 2 – Dr. Stewart
  • March 3 – Liz Wall
  • March 4 – Dr. C. MacMillan
  • March 5 – Audrey Gregory
  • March 6 – Charlene Woodworth

Refreshments will be available.

  • Men’s Breakfast – March 7th. @ 9 am Cost – $10 suggested donation  Menu – Sausage, pancakes, beans, toast, cinnamon buns, juice, coffee, tea

Missionary Moment

Total Alabaster offering: $634.65 for February – Thanks everyone for giving so generously.

Countries to pray for this week:

  • Benin -work established in 1998: 893 organized churches, 372 not-yet-organized churches; 76,118 members.  Benin achieved independence from France in 1960 and changed it’s name to Republic of Benin in 1975. Christianity is strong in Benin.  Benin continues to need trained pastors for the growing Christian population.
  • Niger – work established in 2009: one organized church; 138 members. Both countries located on AFRICA region. Niger was part of many African empires and gained independence in 1960. Both countries have a history of slavery.  In Niger 99% of the population is Muslim.  Out of 37 people groups in Niger, 29 are considered unreached.

French is the official language of both countries.  Poverty is common in both countries.  Despite slavery being abolished in both countries they still face human trafficking of various sorts.  Pray that the Church will know how to engage the majority population and share the love of Christ.

Upcoming Events

  • Church Growth Training –  Moncton First Church w/Rev. Mark Bane – Director of Evangelism and Multiplication Ministries

Monday – March 16 @ 6 p.m.

Tuesday – March 17 @ 9a.m.- 4 p.m.

No cost – lunch provided Must register with Liz Wall by March 1st.

  • Nazarene World Week of Prayer – March 1-7. Doors open at 11 until 1 pm with a devotional at 12.  Refreshments will be available.
  • March Break – March 1-7  There will be no small groups this week. Also, no Wednesday activities.
  • Board Meeting March 17th @ 7 p.m.
  • Super Kids Dessert Party – March 18 – 6:30 – 7:30  Fund raiser for Super Kids going to Big Lake Camp. See Kathy Yeomans for tickets (Donation only)

Here We Go Again

Winter has arrived and there will be questionable weather as to service scheduling.  If in doubt, call the office (858-9308).  Also, Pastor Patti would like to have easy communication with each one of us.  If we do not have your email, please see Audrey Flynn or Dot Petherick. This will be used privately by Pastor Patti.

If school is cancelled, church activities will follow suit.