Our History

Moncton First Church of the Nazarene is an integral part of the International Church of the Nazarene.  With all Christians we carry the responsibility of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people.  The Church of the Nazarene is known as a Holiness church, that is a group of people committed to live their lives in active fellowship with God.  In pursuing that end, we gather to worship God, to encourage one another in holy living, to facilitate the goal of World Evangelism through prayer and financial support.

Moncton First Church has been in operation since1944.  The congregation first assembled in 1943 before official organization and conducted services in a storefront building on Mountain Road.  By the time of organization, Pastor Layton Tattrie had acquired a parcel of property on York Street at the corner of Pine Street.  The congregation grew and by 1960 had developed an attractive building on the lot.

Because of continued growth, the need for parking and  auxiliary facilities, the building was sold in 1984 and the congregation moved into the present facility in 1985.  Since relocation we have continued to expand in numbers and effectiveness.  In 2007 we added a gym, office complex and new foyer, expanding to 15,000 sq.. ft. of ministry facility.  Currently we have a membership of 200 people with approximately the same number active in worship, fellowship and various projects.

In addition to the local ministry activities of the congregation we support the work of the Church throughout the Maritimes through the ministry of Canada Atlantic District, Church of the Nazarene.  By financially supporting the District we share in the sponsorship of home mission churches and compassionate ministries in a number of locations throughout the region.  Also, through the District, we help fund summer camping programs at Big Lake Camp near Oxford Nova Scotia.

Our offerings also help to support Ambrose College in Calgary, Alberta.  The college exists to help us achieve our national and global mission of preparing people to serve God and the church either as lay people or in clergy activities.

Our International Church activities are administered through our National Office in Brampton, Ontario.  Through our national office we channel our support to over 700 missionaries in 156 world areas.  The National Office also coordinates our work with the other Canadian Districts in responding to needs and opportunities which arise within Canada.

Historical Background

Since its founding in 1908, the Church of the Nazarene has continually sought to keep holy living and evangelism at the forefront of our members minds.  The 10,414 founding members represented people from three different countries, Canada, Scotland and the United States with missionary activity already well developed in India, Africa and China.

The earliest Nazarenes were brought together, mostly through the efforts of Phineas Bresee of California.  Bresee was a Methodist clergyman who, along with many other clergy of various denominations, had noticed a perceptible shift in the interests and activities of many churches, away from evangelistic interest and toward self-interest.  Distressed by what they saw, these men and women envisioned a denomination where the two priorities of the early church could remain central … holy living and evangelistic activity.  The International Church of the Nazarene was the product of that vision.

Today that vision remains unchanged.  We continue to fuel our activities with the belief that God has a particular mission for the people called Nazarenes, to accomplish.  We take our name from our identification with Jesus, the one called in scripture, “The Nazarene”.  Our goal is to pattern our lives after his own life, expending ourselves and our resources in continuing His work in the world.  Our work is evangelistic compassion; our style is simple, quiet holy living; our product is spiritual health and wellness for individuals and local church fellowships.