Bible-Best-SellerThe Bible is the best-selling book in history, but how many people in the City of Moncton are actually reading it?

We at First Nazarene are hoping to reverse this trend, starting with our own congregation. Beginning on Sunday, September 18 at 10:30 am, First Nazarene will be journeying together with “The Story” – from Genesis to Revelation. A unique program that involves all ages, from preschool to senior, we believe that “The Story” is the right tool to increase Biblical literacy, helping readers to understand better God’s story and see how their own stories intersect with God’s. Consisting of 31 chapters of carefully-selected scriptures sequenced in chronological order, “The Story” presents the Word of God in an engaging format, reading much like a novel.

On our Launch Sunday (Sept 18) we offer a free coffee or tea with a light snack at our NazCafĂ© that begins at 9:45 am. Did anyone say, “cinnamon buns?” Following the morning worship service there will be a free spaghetti dinner with dessert in the gym (donation). We have invited Rebel Band as our guests who will lead us in worship. (You may want to ask your teens and young adults to come to hear this all-brothers band.) In that service I will be preaching from the first chapter of The Story, so you will want to bring along your copy of “The Story.”

Everyone who comes gets a free copy of The Story! Along with the hard cover copies for the adults, we have children’s copies of The Story and teen copies, too. Beginning on September 4 we will be handing out copies of The Story as well as the adult participant’s guides for small groups.

Another exciting feature of this new program is that we have several and varied small groups as well as Bible studies for all ages, starting or re-starting the week of September 18. Be sure to sign up early because there is limited space in the classes.

It is my hope and prayer that you will come and experience “The Story” with us. For more information, please call the church at 858-9308, send an email to or visit

Pastor Patti

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