Weekly Events

Weekly Activities

  •  Super Kids – Wednesday March 21 @ 6:30
  • Adult Class  – Wednesday March 21 @ 6:30
  • Home Bible Study with Rick Costain Tuesday @ 1:30 … We are studying the women of the bible and we could always make room for anyone else to join us, Also, the week of April 10th, … Bible study will be on Wednesday, (April 11th) for that week only.

Upcoming Events

Directory Listings

Would you please check your current information in the directory and if there are changes for this year, please let the office know or there are forms in the foyer to fill out.  Thanks.


to Teen Challenge for their help in painting this week.  Also, Peter Nicol, John Goobie, Darrell Yeomans and George Flynn who worked along with them.


If there is anyone who would like to be baptized, please speak to Pastor Patti today.  We offer two options for baptism: to be baptized here on Easter Sunday by your preferred form of baptism – sprinkling, pouring or immersion – or by waiting until the summer and be baptized at Big Lake Camp during family camp.

Christian Baptism, commanded by our Lord, is one of the two sacraments in the Church of the Nazarene and is a sign and a seal of the new covenant of grace.  All Christ followers are encouraged to be baptized.

 New Members

If you are interested in becoming a member in the Church of the Nazarene, please speak to Pastor Patti at the end of the service. She will meet with you to give you to explain a brief history of the Church of the Nazarene, and share with you what Nazarenes believe, how Nazarenes live as Christians and what it means to be a member in the Church of the Nazarene.

Ushers and Greeters Meeting

Sunday, April 8 at 12:15 PM.  All greeters and ushers are asked to stay directly following the service for a 15 -20 minute meeting with Pastor Patti and the Stewards of the Board.  We will go through protocol and procedure.


  • Music Festival using church facilities – April 2-6 & 9-13
  • Ushers and Greeters Meeting – Sunday, April 8 at 12:15 PM
  • Board Meeting, April 17 @ 7:00p
  • Ladies Retreat – April 20-22
  • Movie Night – Friday, April 27 (Fund raiser for Teens going to NYC)
  • Baby Day – Sunday, May 6, 10:30 AM
  • Mothers & Daughters High Tea – Saturday, May 12, 2:00 PM (donation)
  • Church Annual Meeting – Monday, May 14, 7:00 PM

Ladies Retreat – April 20-22

Retreat Prices

  • $100 at door
  • $60 for Saturday only
  • if taking painting class, include your $5 with pre-registration

Forms are available on the table in the foyer.

Our local missionary project

– is to collect items to fill layette bags for Moncton Wellness & Pregnancy Centre. Items needed

  • size 3-9 months baby clothes (new)
  • Receiving blankets
  • Small baby toys (new)
  • Toiletries for baby & Mom
  • No-name baby formula (available at Walmart)

There is a basket in the foyer to fill before April 8, 2018

 Missionary Moment

Where – “the Church Is Not Yet”

PRAISE: A pastor of a Ukrainian Church of  the Nazarene has been “going where the church is not  yet” for four years with a group ministering in a remote  mountain village. Because of the climate, the team can only access the village from May to September, on a 3-meter-wide (10-foot-wide) road with no railings. However, “the scariest thing is that, over the history of Christianity, they have never heard of the gospel,” the pastor said. “God has encouraged the people at our church, because they realized that they are part of something much bigger: they are part of God’s big mission.” Give thanks to God for the pastor’s willingness to reach others with the gospel.  Please pray for the people to whom they witness, and pray that the congregation in Ukraine will continue to recognize how they can make a difference in others’ lives.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Chain

If you have a prayer request, contact Rick Costain at costainr76@yahoo.ca, or 387-8076.  If you would like to be contacted through the prayer chain, please let Rick or Alice know. When sending a prayer request, please specify which hospital the person is in.

Praying for our congregation for the week of April 1-8

  • Rudy & Ruth Poirier
  • Shirley Smith
  • Rev. Patti & Charlie Rossiter
  • Bob & Cinda Bourgeois
  • Gail & Gabriel Chartrand

Weather Alert

If in doubt about a service due to weather conditions, 

please call the church – 858-9308

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